Business Management

Mastering the Art of True Opportunity Seeking

Entrepreneurs, businesspersons and self-employed people often speak of how what they’re doing to generate their income making for their passion, which is fair enough, except in most
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The Benefits of Using a Spreadsheet for Your Personal Finances

When it comes to keeping a record of your personal finances, just how organised are you? Businesses record their sales and purchases, and all other income and
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Why buy to let?

Buying a second property is very different from simply buying a home for you and your family. If you’re thinking about buying a property to let, you
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What is chauffeur insurance?

Chauffeur insurance is a specialist form of motor insurance that is essential if you are the chauffeur of any private hire vehicle.
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Small Business

Small Business Myths that Should be Debunked

For a lot of people, starting a small business is their stepping stone towards having control of their life – both in terms of time and money.
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Insurance, Investment

Is Life Insurance a Good Investment?

Life insurance is something that is easy to overlook for months or even years. However, it is something that many people have heard that they should get
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Personal Finance

UK private pensions: 40% of the South West saved nothing during Q4

UK based private pension and online investment specialist: True Potential Investor has compiled the infographic below, providing us with some insight into how people of the UK
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Money Making Ideas, Online World

Stay-At-Home Moms Making Money Online

All over the world, women leave promising careers to stay at home and raise their kids. It’s true in every industry and in every country, and there
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Watchdog probe of motor finance industry shifts into a higher gear

Lenders get deadline to reveal personal contract plan details
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Motorists cut insurance bills by 20% with dashboard cameras

Motorists are resorting to dash cameras in record numbers to thwart crash-for-cash scams and help to drive down insurance premiums.
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