Sugar tax will not be ring-fenced for health schemes, says Noonan

Health campaigners have expressed disappointment that revenue from a new tax on sugary drinks will not be ring-fenced to fund initiatives to tackle obesity and promote healthy
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Money Making Ideas

Peter Conradi: Dance with the devil and make money from card providers

Not so long ago I used to receive emails from exotically named individuals in faraway places offering me riches way beyond my dreams. The storyline was always
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Car finance deals accelerate once again

The motor finance market appeared to have hit new heights yesterday when the industry’s main lobby group reported another quarter of double-digit growth.
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A beginner’s guide to stock market investment

Millennials who are thinking about starting a portfolio should follow this four-step action plan
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Banking System

Banks ‘may struggle over unpaid debts’

Irish banks will find it increasingly difficult to deal with the high level of non-performing loans on their balance sheets in the coming years, which could stunt
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Time to invest in a brave new world

Do you want to stash this year’s allowance in emerging and frontier markets? We look at your options
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Personal Finance

Cagey consumers keep spending – for now

Consumer confidence remained subdued in March, with shoppers remaining “cagey” about the state of their personal finances and the general economic picture, according to a closely watched
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Probe to target offshore insurers

Central Bank wants drivers to be more aware of deals brokered with foreign firms
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Online World

Q&A: How did the Tesco Bank cyberattack happen?

How did cybercriminals manage to steal money from 20,000 accounts?
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Foreign exchange is a risky business – even for those in the know

Investment It’s the largest market in the world, but also the most volatile and the hardest to understand. David Budworth explains how it works
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