How to Keep Cash Flowing During Your Salon or Spa’s Slow Months

As with any other business, salons and spas tend to have one or two slow seasons each year. You shouldn’t let that discourage you, though. A successful business owner won’t let seasonal lag get in their way. All you need is a little strategy, some creativity, and the drive to keep your business growing.

One of the simplest ways to attract a crowd even on off-seasons could be by introducing something new. People these days tend to be on the quest for trying something new, something different. Say, for instance, you could replace the regular water used for the spa with distilled water. If you are not aware of the benefits of distilled water for the skin, you could look at some online resources and can also use them for promoting your brand or outlet. Now, are you worried about how to procure this amount of distilled water? Then making another web search using key phrases similar to- buy distilled water in bulk might be helpful.

Here are a few more ideas to keep cash flowing into your salon or spa, even during the slow months.

Up your pre-booking

A smart salon or spa owner knows how important it is to rebook clients as soon as possible. Train your staff to tell clients the importance of follow-up visits, and ensure your front desk team is providing suggested dates and services when the client pays.

If you’re experiencing a lull in business, revisit your calendar and begin calling or emailing clients who haven’t been into your salon or spa for six months or more. Remind them of the excellent service they experienced, explain new services or opportunities you offer, and ask when they’d be available to come in again.

Have an amazing sale

Holding a killer sale is a tried-and-true solution to a lull in revenue.

Find a product or service people can’t get enough of – like a deep tissue massage – and knock anywhere from 10 to 75 percent of the menu price off. Market it within your business, on your website and on as many social media profiles as possible. The key is to keep the sale going enough for people to learn about it and partake, but short enough to encourage people to act quickly. Ideally, shoot for a week or 10 days. This makes it enticing with an urgency, such as “Flash Sale! This week only!”

Go Private Label

Having your own line of products that you can sell in your spa or salon will make a world of difference in your off seasons. When you have your own custom-branded skin cane line, you can set the prices and the margins all while getting the word of your business out. You don’t have to deal with pesky price ceilings, and you can make your products match your branding and aesthetic. Win, win.

Host private events

If you’re running a new business, or you’re trying to increase your client base, try hosting a private event.

You can organize a mixer, a how-to night, a fundraiser or any other kind of event you feel comfortable managing. Be sure to host it in your office, so people can become familiar with your business and what you offer. Keep menu books or service prices displayed clearly because people will shop while they mingle.

If you find an event is particularly successful, consider making it a recurring one. People today want a reason to dress up and gather with friends – why not have them come to your business?

Market your gift cards

Finally, make sure you’re putting enough resources into your gift card program.

Revenue can slow down after the holidays, but encouraging your clients to give out gift cards to your business can ensure a steady stream of first-time visitors throughout the season. Maybe offer a discount program that benefits the gift giver and the recipient. Giving a 10 percent off coupon with every $50 gift card purchased, for example, won’t cost you much – but it will bring two more people into your salon or spa.

To make sure your revenue can stay at a steady pace during these slower months, is to not forget about the marketing! Once you decide on a promotion, display it on your website, front desk and on social media. People are always looking for gift ideas, no matter what time of year it is, and you want your gift cards, skin care products, or sales to show up on their radar.

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