My Expertise

My name is Martin Young and I am the guy who is going to guide you through your business bucket list! Even though I’m a loud and proud New Yorker, my roots are back in Asia. I am the perfect cocktail of daring and discerning.

Growing up, I watched my father stress and sweat his wa around the business world for far too little money and no gratitude. I admired his tenacity and unwavering work ethic, doing my best to emulate him.

However, I decided very early on that my life was going to turn out different. I decided to channel the same determination that I had learned from my father into something more lucrative, less stressful and infinitely more rewarding.

A few years ago, I developed several business strategies which guarantee a successful outcome. First of all, I applied my new theories to my own business ventures in order to secure my own fortune. A lot of people thought I was taking too many risks and advised me to follow the same stressful path my father had taken.

I never hesitated for one second. Self belief has carried me over the rocky terrain of the 21st century economy and made me a very rich and influential businessman. I possess the power and knowledge to get any business off the ground and I won’t back down until that same business is a market giant.

I wish I could have saved my father the abundance of sweat and strife he endured in his efforts to keep his business afloat. Success doesn’t have to be earned through worry and suffering. It can be achieved by adopting a clear and efficient approach.

I did a pretty awesome job of helping myself and my bills are taken care of. Now, I devote my time and energy to other businesses and entrepreneurs, implementing my tried and tested strategies which earns them millions and ensures their formidable and steadfast place in the market.

Through rigorous research, fearless perseverance and an insatiable hunger for success, I have learned the laws of business and I can bend them to suit your business. My record isn’t impressive. It is phenomenal.

II genuinely believe that there is enough money and work out there to allow all of us to get rich and enjoy the privileged lifestyle which I have earned through my work. This is why I have decided to share some of my golden rules for success online and you get to reap the benefits.

‘Rich and Firm’ is your online manual for making millions. Now that you are here, I suggest you pay attention because I am going to be your personal Shaman while you grow your business. I will be communicating the same personal finance advice that I bestowed on some of my biggest clients and you won’t believe how quickly you will notice results.

I’m very open about my personal success and I take great pride in what I have achieved. I made a lot out of very little and I’m not afraid to let people know about it. I worked hard to earn my place and I want to inspire others to cast aside self doubt and hesitation.

No one will be prepared to take a risk on either you or your business if you are not completely sure about what it is that you are trying to achieve. I have helped countless businessmen turn their companies around by assisting them in identifying a clear purpose and developing their brand.

I started this website to show people multiple ways to find out who you are and what your purpose is. I discuss several ways to develop your identity and establish your presence on the market.

Once you are feeling sure of yourself and you have left all that self doubt in your past, this website will take you through all of my versatile steps to becoming a financial force of nature!

There is no limit to what you can achieve with my clear cut strategies.

Today is the most important day in the life of your business because I am going to help you get it off the ground. I am excited to take this incredible journey with you!

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