Christmas Raffle Prize Ideas

Christmas is a time to be charitable and spread the holiday spirit. Planning a Christmas raffle is a great activity for a workplace Christmas celebration or to raise donations in your local community centre. Because you don’t know who exactly will win the prize, it is important that each prize is suitable for all genders and ages. If you are still short of Christmas raffle prize ideas, read on to find your inspiration.

  1. Tickets to the Zoo

Going to the zoo is a wonderful chance for friends and family to spend quality time together. Do make sure to check the zoo program as there may be differing opening hours during winter. If you are looking for an even more special Christmas raffle gift, find a reindeer sanctuary. The winner of this raffle prize is sure to experience the Christmas spirit when meeting Santa’s helpers.

  1. Massage Day

Amidst the hustle of planning family dinners and shopping for Christmas gifts, a massage day serves as a gentle reminder for individuals to also indulge in self-care. Gone are the days when a massage day was exclusively for women, as many massage clinics now offer couple packages, making it a versatile Christmas raffle prize. The harsh winter conditions, with biting winds and dry air, can take a toll on the skin and hair. Allow the winners to treat themselves with rejuvenating treatments and a session at a massage clinic (easily found by searching for “a Massage Therapist Near Me“), leaving them refreshed and prepared for the upcoming Christmas celebrations.

  1. Theatre Show Seats

Even when you feel blessed with a white Christmas, indoor activities can be just as cosy. Including seats for a theatre show in your raffle is a smart option. It is an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. Even for those who have never been to a theater show, seeing a live performance of actors is bound to imprint on them unlike any film could. Theatre show seats will also be appreciated by the more cultured. Choose a show that is family-friendly to make sure the winners will enjoy the story.

  1. Christmas Basket

Unmissable in the lineup for Christmas raffle prizes is a Christmas basket that could contain exciting food or other gifts like wine or soap. Gourmet Christmas baskets make for special Christmas gifts because they can be shared with anyone. The beauty of the gift is that the recipient does not have to be familiar with every item. You can get creative with the items you choose to place in the basket or choose a Christmas basket that is already prepared by an expert. The pros of getting a pre-prepared basket is that the items will be perfectly themed and complementary to each other. However, if you have a budget to stick to then a basket you assemble yourself will be better value for cost, especially if you use something similar to a Raise coupon to reduce the price.

  1. Dinner for Two

Many restaurants will have a special seasonal menu that they serve only during the holidays. Give your Christmas raffle prize winners the chance to sample the local culinary scene with an all-in dinner voucher for two. Try not to worry too much about your winner’s dietary preferences as most restaurants will be able to adjust their menu for any allergies when notified ahead of time. Though it would be good to make sure your chosen restaurant has vegetarian options just in case. A shared meal prepared by an expert using seasonal produce will not only fill their belly but also their heart with warmth.

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