What Can I Do for You?

If your business is looking to hire a Business and Finance Advisor, look no further. You have found the right person for the job!

What I Do in My Role

I am a fully qualified Business and Finance Advisor, with years of experience in working in the sometimes-cut-throat industry of the business world. Having worked with as many different types and sizes of businesses, I made the decision some time ago to start offering my knowledge on a more freelance basis, working on a multitude of contracts with people who needed to access all that I knew about this often-complex industry.

What I Do for My Clients

When I work with any client, I like to take a short amount of time beforehand establishing a good connection. This then enables us to build a business relationship, founded on trust. A Business and Finance Advisor should be a person who a company believes can offer solutions to their problems. An immediate connection between advisor and business ensures we can fully access my wealth of expertise together.

Some of The Services I Can Offer Potential Clients

By utilising any of my services, you can be guaranteed of a successful outcome. I currently offer:

Consultancy services – Public or Private

Advice and guidance in the finance sector

Advice and guidance in the business sector

Advertising and marketing strategies

Tools to build a business from scratch

Training solutions

Money Making Ideas

And so much more besides, depending on what it is you require from my services.

Whether your business is a multi-national company, or you are a two-man band, the size of your business is no barrier to me. I have worked with self-employed, freelancers and partnerships through to SME’s, medium sized companies and large corporations. At the end of the day, all businesses need to do one thing to survive in this world; make a profit. What I do best is offer you the know how to ensure you get to this profit quicker.

Why Businesses Hire the Services of a Financial and Business Advisor

There are numerous reasons why people turn to an advisor such as myself;

  • You may have just taken the decision to go self-employed, or perhaps you want to form a partnership, but you are struggling to make sense of how to inform all relevant authorities about your new position. I can work with you to fulfil all the legal documents and requirements that are essential before you begin trading, leaving you free to concentrate on your work.
  • You may have just created a business, with the makings of a great idea, but have no knowledge of the business world and less so of what you need to do financially. I can get you on the right track right at the very beginning of your venture, so you develop good habits immediately. A business that starts with a strong and stable foundation has ultimate potential.
  • Your business may have been running for a few months now, but are still not seeing the results originally predicted. By using my services, I can scrutinize your business and tell you from a professional point of view just where it is you are going wrong – and how you can turn it back around.
  • You may even be an international company with thousands of employees and offices all around the world, but maybe business is slowing down and you are already beginning to sense problems on the horizon. By utilising my experience as soon as you notice such changes, I can work with you to ward them off before they get a chance to affect your profits.

Some people turn to me when they have reached breaking point, and I thoroughly understand their anger at the situation they have got themselves in; after all, we put our heart and souls into our business and expect to see it deliver good results. Whilst I certainly do work with clients who are on the brink, consequently bringing them back to a better financial position, I’m regularly finding my expertise requested more and more by those companies who are spotting the makings of problems very early on.

No matter what stage you have reached with any financial and business-related problems, I am here to help. Helping and providing solutions is what I do best – and it is exactly what I am trained for.

Making Connections That Matter

When you have been in this industry for the length of time that I have, you build up a very impressive contact list. I make a huge point of advising every client to make an extra effort when it comes to finding valuable contacts, working even harder on keeping them. You never know when you might just need one another. Getting ahead in this industry involves forging good contacts, who you can be assured of gaining something of worth from when you turn to them, particularly at a testing time when you may need it most.

I am willing to share as many of my relevant contacts with all my clients, matching them up with the people that they need to speak to. If you are struggling to make connections, or maybe you don’t have the first idea of where to start, I can walk you through the process of making, and of course keeping, the right types of contacts for your unique business.

Creating Better Business Relations

Overall, it is with the upmost confidence that I can say when you utilise my many years of experience and expertise in the finance and business trade, you know exactly what you are getting – a seasoned professional who has been there, done that, and has the ultimate track record to prove it! I believe that any client who takes the initiative to approach me for my help, wants to do better than what they currently are, and I fully respect such people.

If you are ready to utilise the power of my financial and business advice, get in touch with me below. The sooner we make that connection, the faster I can work on getting you and your company back on track to where you ultimately deserve to be.

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