Motorists cut insurance bills by 20% with dashboard cameras

Motorists are resorting to dash cameras in record numbers to thwart crash-for-cash scams and help to drive down insurance premiums.

When it comes to finding car insurance, many motorists are surprised at just how much certain premiums can cost. And unless you have enlisted the help of brokers like those that can be found at this cheap car insurance london company, you will always be faced with the possibility of having to pay more for your coverage.

Until now. With the introduction of this new scheme, it provides road users with another lifeline when it comes to driving down their insurance premiums, and this can all be done through a dash camera.

Sales of the cameras, which can be bought for less than 20, have doubled over the past year. More than one in ten vehicles now have one.

Experts predict that widespread adoption will dramatically improve road safety because the near-certainty of being filmed will encourage better driving. The same can be applied to fleet vehicles for a business, making sure that these vehicles are using the right safety requirements and being DOT compliant ( will help vehicles and others, remain safe on the roads.

Dash-cam footage has already proven valuable in resolving disputes over countering fraudulent claims, such as those orchestrated by criminal gangs staging numerous crashes each year.

Given these benefits, it has become increasingly crucial for most motorists to install dash cams in their vehicles. These recordings serve as concrete evidence in legal proceedings against the responsible party in case of accidents.

In the present scenario, when crash victims seek compensation, motor accident lawyers, such as those at Dubo Law LLC, often inquire about the availability of dash-cam footage. This is because fitting a dash cam not only aids in reducing insurance costs but also provides reassurance during disputes over liability in the aftermath of an accident. The evolving role of dash cams is reshaping the landscape of road safety and legal proceedings.

Several insurers are offering significant discounts to motorists who use the cameras. Since February, Sure Thing, one of the fastest-growing insurers, has been giving drivers 20 percent off if they fit the device.

The popularity of dash cams can partly be attributed to shows such as ITV’s Car Crash, which highlights the dangers on the roads.

Widespread use of the cameras has increased the amount of accident footage and bad driving videos that is posted on YouTube. A search for “car accident” on the website lists more than 70 million results.

Earlier this year, Citroen became the first carmaker to install the cameras in dashboards as standard on a model and other manufacturers are likely to follow suit, meaning that dash cams could be ubiquitous within a generation.

In conclusion, dash cams are becoming increasingly popular both for their ability to provide reassurance and evidence in the event of an accident, as well as for the potential savings on insurance costs. With more car manufacturers installing dash cams as standard, it is likely that dash cams will become ubiquitous in the near future. This has the potential to greatly reduce the number of road accidents, and increase the safety of drivers, passengers, and other road users.

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